This is the sequel to the best movie of the year, “The Avengers”. If you haven’t seen it yet, you owe it to yourself to get it and see what all the fuss is about.

The movie had the desired and end result: some super action, some emotional scenes and some great humor. The Avengers is no doubt a top notch piece of entertainment. The movie just might be the best movie of the year.

When I started watching The Avengers I got this feeling like Bobby Stein’s character in the first act of the movie. At first I thought I was crazy for feeling that way, but as time went on and I became more familiar with the characters and the story I realized that it wasn’t crazy at all. It made sense.

It actually made sense to me that when Bobby Stein was “The Superior,” he was following his own code of conduct. However, after being raised by loving parents who loved him and surrounded him with family, friends and caretakers that didn’t have their eyes glued to the screen, Bobby failed to live up to his responsibilities as the “Superior.” He ultimately stopped being the “Superior” because he didn’t respect himself enough and didn’t have the strength to live up to his duties as the Superior.

That’s why he ended up like he did – he couldn’t do it; he just couldn’t have “those exceptional things” that so many others are given. It’s okay for most people, especially men, to be self-centered, narcissistic and shallow. But that’s not what was happening in this movie.

In fact, what was happening in this movie was what’s really meant to happen, and what every man’s need is. That’s not to say that those men have a right to be proud of their achievements, but it is to say that they don’t necessarily deserve all the benefits of having achieved those achievements. In other words, men don’t always get what they want.

This is the same thing that happened to Bobby, except that it happened at the same time that it did. It was after the death of his father that Bobby had no choice but to accept the task that his father asked him to do. He had to do what his father wanted him to do and because of the type of person he was, he couldn’t do that.

All men, like Bobby, have some kind of ultimate destiny. What kind of ultimate destiny does each man have? What we like to call our “Ultimate Destiny,” or what we like to call our “Ultimate Responsibility.”