A lot of BTS fans have probably heard that their idols are not real yet. If you do a simple search on the internet, you will be surprised at how many stories you will find regarding this statement. Some say they are not real and some say they are just kids who are really into music. The truth about their makeup is something you have to find out for yourself if you want to know what they are really like.

It seems like only one group of fans are trying to gain access to the members of the BTS and these fanatics are called the “Bangtan boys”. These names may sound similar but this is not a real group. They do not even belong to a big music company. They are just stars of a famous boy band and they are very active in social media. There are some fans who tried to get close to BTS because they want to see the members of the BTS.

These people will ask the artists about their background, their lives, and try to get pictures with them. They think that if they get to see the members of BTS they can get to know them better. For one, not all of the members are trained actors. You will also find that they are not real in the film industry. They may look like them but they are not in the same industry.

In order to understand what’s going on with BTS, you have to learn about their parents. Their mother is actually a singer and they have a father who is in the film industry as well. They were not even born yet when their parents first made a movie together. It has been said that it was an original story called I love you so much and then it was made into a film. The film got released and it did not do well at all and so they had to pull it from the theaters.

What these children have learned from watching this movie is that if they want to be successful they have to focus on hard work. Their parents tell them that to be a singer they have to follow their dream and follow their heart. They also need to spend time to develop their voice and this is why they spend most of their time practicing and studying vocal exercises.

The whole point of BTS is that their fans should be able to understand the feelings of their fans. It is their intention to make music and become famous. For these reasons, they are taking every opportunity to expose themselves so that they can continue to impress their fans.

BTS came into being in South Korea and they have gained a huge fan following. These young people have been taught about how to speak out through social media. They have also been exposed to the language and cultures of other parts of the world through various countries and cultures.

So if you have been told that they are not real or that they are just kids who are into music, you have to learn more about the boys before you dismiss them. They are strong and talented and will surely shine in the future. Although, it is true that their lyrics can be great, they also have a lot of skill and talent in their singing. BTS has more than enough talent and they are just waiting for their fans to see this.