The Comic Book Society Of America (CCSA) honored Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel at their Annual Convention last month. The Captain Marvel movie from Disney will be shown this November, and one of the most popular costumes is the classic one worn by actress Grace Kelly in the original 1950s television series. It’s so well known that it doesn’t even have to be an original costume to look fabulous.

When fans think of Captain Marvel, they think of Grace Kelly, the delightful actress who played Carol Danvers in the original TV series. She played the title role in the first incarnation of this iconic comic book superhero. After that, her name was changed to Ms. Marvel in the comic books but Grace kept the title on the show, and she had the pleasure of being the first female comic book hero to appear in a live-action feature film.

Grace Kelly played Captain Marvel in the first television series that was about an everyday American hero. Like the Carol Danvers character in the movie, she was part of the US Air Force. Kelly was recruited when she was fourteen years old and spent many years in the Air Force before she was finally told that she was actually a woman and could use the name Captain Marvel. She later went on to become a prominent lawyer and served in the Kennedy administration before getting into acting full time.

The costumes Grace Kelly wore were far from traditional, though. The most famous ones were those in which she wore the powersuit, which transformed her into a completely different person and enabled her to fly. She actually rode in the cockpit of the super-suit when she was in action and it looked fantastic, as did the other costumes she wore.

Grace Kelly wasn’t the only person to wear the power suit in action. Another glamorous actress, Marisa Tomei, made use of the costume during her role as Nina Diaz, a member of the Secret Avengers. Each costume was unique, too.

Grace Kelly was the first woman to act in a super-suit, and Marisa Tomei, who also appeared in the Captain Marvel movie, is the second woman to do so. It’s becoming more common for Hollywood to cast women in the superhero roles, and Grace Kelly and Marisa Tomei are two of the more recent women to play characters in movies. That certainly means a lot to fans.

It’s easy to see why fans are excited about Captain Marvel. She will be played by the very beautiful Anne Hathaway, so fans can expect to see one of the hottest stars in the world wearing the costume. It’s a good bet that fans will be shouting her name throughout the theater, too.

Captain Marvel will be shown in a few cities around the country, including Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco. More cities will be added as the movie is released, and fans can be sure that they’ll be able to see this iconic superhero costume for herself at a major Hollywood movie premiere. If you haven’t already bought your ticket to the movie, now is the time to make your reservation.