Escape From Tarkov is a unique game developed by Ukrainian developer Artem Slobodin. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow, where the city has been destroyed by a nuclear war. Now, chaos and destruction reign everywhere, not just in the streets but even inside the underground metro stations and buildings. In Escape From Tarkov, you take on the role of a guard on the underground station that serves as the main hub for the game.

Escape From Tarkov is all about your survival, as the game involves you moving through the underground tunnels of the Tarkov City. As a guard, you have to complete missions to earn money, buy equipment and revive dead comrades, while solving mysteries and puzzling out the various situations that might arise. When the place you’re working in is destroyed or collapsed, you have to find ways to find shelter for yourself and you have to face the harsh reality of what will happen to your loved ones if you’re caught, trapped and left alone.

Escape From Tarkov comes with a myriad of different characters that you can meet in your way through the underground metro stations of Tarkov. There are eight different characters, including a white hat hacker, a student from a prestigious university, a former police chief, a local bar owner, a clerk at the Tarkov City hotel, a homeless person who has lost everything and many more.

Each character has their own importance in the game’s progression and it’s up to you to choose the character that suits you best in terms of how they’ll fit into your game. The game’s progression is mostly smooth, not really going through any hitches.

A lot of the time, Escape From Tarkov is quite simple, requiring you to carry out more simple tasks such as retrieving important items or access codes. But there are a few other times where you’ll be asked to explore some of the levels a little more and then you’ll be challenged to solve puzzles and figure out riddles to advance.

There are some minor issues with the controls, as they aren’t as smooth as I would like them to be. At times, you’ll run into a situation where you’re unable to progress because the controls become a little tricky for you to manage, but these are generally few and far between.

As for the graphics, Escape From Tarkov has a very distinct look about it, though not all players will be able to enjoy it. The most notable feature is the textures that are used in the backgrounds and the special effects, most notably those related to the different environments you’ll be moving through. And there are also some very good animation sequences that work well, particularly the ones involving the character and when they’re reacting to different situations that will occur.

The game will take approximately five to six hours to play through with numerous hours being required to finish all the storylines and missions that come with them. Some of the storyline missions are quite interesting and I liked the fact that I had to replay them once you’ve completed them.