Review of Cuphead

The latest game of Tim Schafer’s studio Double Fine Cuphead was recently released to much acclaim. This video game is the brainchild of the same designers that brought us the revered Banjo-Kazooie series.

The goal of the Cuphead game is similar to many in the genre – to take you on a journey of mini-adventuresadventures through the underworld, in a violent and colorful art style. The game is set in a world where titans called the ‘Spiders’ have conquered most of the land. The only exception is for the region of Diamond City, a center of beauty and industry.

Although we don’t see much violence in the game it does look like movie dubstep, from the ultra-violence in the art style to the overall look of the game. The title is also reminiscent of the famous action film titled Trash like this game is what we could consider to be trashy trash.

The main protagonist is Cuphead, an average Joe. Cuphead can be considered a superhero in a sense that he has a unique ability to cause destruction to all the dangers that come his way. His main form of attack is his sleight of hand that makes him capable of doing a variety of things from slicing and dicing foes to hitting them with his head. He has a special move in which he can lift his opponents by their neck and deliver an explosive punch to the base of their skull.

The game also uses a traditional beat ’em up game play with each character having unique weapons. The game also allows you to customize the weapons to a degree that it becomes difficult to distinguish who the enemies are. The mechanics are not overly complicated and is simple enough for young children to play through, but is also engaging enough to satisfy the mature gamer.

The music in the game features jigsaw elements that will help you in the game. You can listen to the game music online for free, however you’ll want to pay a few bucks if you want to listen to the in-game music. If you want to sample the sounds and music of the game, just visit the website listed below and play the game for yourself.

Start up the game, let it load a bit and then you’ll begin to play. The controls are so simple that it is easy to get stuck and not knowing what to do next.

Just as in any other game, there is some help available for new players, so if you get stuck you should start by checking out the website below. You can also check out a YouTube video review of the game by clicking on the link below.