Gucci is a brand name that’s synonymous with beautiful clothes, fine Italian accessories and it’s logo that screams elegance and style. Gucci was started in Italy by Giambattista Valli. The name is a nickname for the designer’s wife Stella, which comes from the word “giamelli” which means very beautiful in Italian. If you need some basics for this article, then we’ll get into details on the Italian basics of Gucci, but for now let’s start with the cool stuff.

The coolest thing about Gucci is that their brand embodies fine fashion sense combined with passion and creativity. They are known for being elegant and modern and most of their products come with their signature style. One thing that Gucci is known for is their shoes. Their shoes go well with any kind of outfit, their work boots are some of the best, but Gucci shoes also include their line of casual shoes that are great for wearing to just about any occasion. Another cool thing about Gucci is that their accessories are made out of very quality materials. Some of their pieces are extremely affordable, yet carry heavy designer designs.

With their latest release of fall/winter 2020 and winter 2020 collections, Gucci is back with some of their most well-known lines and concepts including classic, urban, etc… With all these amazing accessories and shoes, you can be sure that Gucci has an outlet for everyone. It’s definitely a name that you can trust. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing for some of the coolest Gucci accessories to add to your collection today!