The first two books of Harry Potter series have not been very good so far. Still, if you read them slowly and attentively, you will still find a lot of interesting and touching stories to be found. But as with all good stories, the truth always lies somewhere in the middle of the story. Which parts are good?

The book containing the first three Harry Potter books is a popular one among most of the readers. It gives an account of how the magic that was used by Hogwarts School was created and taught. The students were considered as geniuses who can create anything that their mind can imagine. They learned about the nature of God and about the nature of reality.

In Harry Potter, the story follows Harry Potter (Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres). He is the sixth child in his family. His father is a professor at Hogwarts, where he teaches about curses and spells. Harry’s mother is away from home because of some reason. His father is on sick leave and therefore Harry is not allowed to stay with him.

They live in a different world from the usual life. They are schooled in different subjects like Divination, Herbology, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Astronomy. The parents of their student are both teaching at Hogwarts. They always have a big conversation with each other regarding the future of their son. It is obvious that they love their son very much.

Harry is not fond of reading books. His favorite activity is playing with his friends and hanging out with his dad. One day, he runs into his friend Ron Weasley (Ronald Terry) and asks him to play a game. The game was chess.

The board is beautifully designed, and it is so exciting to play the game. There are lots of characters to choose from and they are moving rapidly to capture the King piece. For the first time, Ron wondered about what makes the chess pieces move. He found the subject interesting and wondered why chess pieces move in such a specific way.

Chess is very interesting. The chess pieces are often called rooks, knights, bishops, and bishops. While the movement of these pieces is the same all throughout the board, the board has special squares and areas on it. These special squares are what make the difference between losing the game and winning it.

Reading the engrossing books and learning about the nature of reality through a novel is indeed very fascinating. All the stories of Harry Potter series can be interesting to read.