My youngest daughter is a big fan of Hello Kitty. She even has her own Hello Kitty ball and glove toys. One day I saw the new Hello Kitty party set on sale at Walmart for only $29.99. This meant I could get all the Hello Kitty goodies I wanted for our party. I couldn’t believe it.

My daughter was thrilled and so was I, I said, “I want to buy one of those!” My husband laughed and said, “You can’t buy one of those for your birthday.” After the party my daughter and I discussed what we could do with our Hello Kitty party supply. I remembered the Hello Kitty ball. I remembered that we had a Hello Kitty picture frame in our guest room and that the light bulbs were Hello Kitty shaped. I thought it would be easy to find Hello Kitty glow in the dark lanterns or even glow sticks.

Glow in the dark things are everywhere and the small ones are cute. I would love to have something that goes with the room so my daughter and I could see them as we move around the room. We also thought the Hello Kitty ball might be fun, especially if she picked up the ball and then lit it up. She might think it was a magic wand, or a cellphone, a cell phone, something that she could use to call mommy and daddy. So far she hasn’t taken the time to do that, but she did sit at the table and light up the lantern with the Hello Kitty ball!