The Naruto manga is a new series that is getting a lot of attention. Boruto, a nine-year-old boy, and Sarada, a twelve-year-old girl, team up to do battle with a group of ninja that want to steal Sarada’s father. These two are not your traditional Naruto and Boruto action hero duo. As the series progresses, the two will discover their own unique talents as they battle the enemies of their enemies.

In the manga, Boruto is an arrogant teenager. He has an evil and powerful sense of humor, which makes him a great companion. Boruto would be like any other young adult hero who wants to help others as he learns how to become a shinobi.

However, he is smart enough to see through Jiraiya’s ruse and he also senses that something is wrong. This is when he decides to join Naruto and Sarada in battling the ninja. Naruto, Sarada, and Boruto are joined by four other ninjas of note, and their story begins.

The four other ninja who have joined are Neji, Might Guy, Neji’s daughter, and the daughter of Danzō. In this manga, we will find that Boruto and Sarada will team up to defeat the enemy, although it does not end up happening immediately. There are several different endings that can be reached. This is because each character has a goal and if Boruto and Sarada cannot find a way to get back to Konoha, they will decide to defeat the enemy.

As the series progresses, we will see that the two eventually learn about the Tailed Beast Jutsu. This is a special kind of cuts that can easily transform a person into a powerful Shinobi. These transformations are called Uzumaki. Boruto and Sarada try to prevent the enemy from using the Jutsu and they even turn down the offer to join their ranks.

However, their fear of the just leads them to defeat all of the enemy ninjas except for the leader, who is the only one who can use the Jutsu. When the leader is defeated, the rest of the ninjas, even though they are ninja, are left with no choice but to surrender. They are then forced to get back on their own planets and it is not long until the ninja are all back in Konoha.

At the end of the manga, we find that both Boruto and Sarada have developed their own talents and while they have been unable to get back to Konoha, they have become strong enough to fight the enemy ninja without Jiraiya. Although Boruto still has some trouble understanding some of the concepts, they have learned their skills and become better warriors.

There are several differences between Naruto and Boruto that makes this series very interesting. We will find that there are some references to Uchiha clan that are found in the manga as well as in the anime version of Naruto.