If you are a fan of R&B and rap then you have to listen to XXXTentacion. He has the ability to do things that no other rapper can do. He writes his own beats, he comes up with lyrics, he raps in different styles.

He even wrote his own book and published it online on Amazon. People are saying that this will be the next big thing, but does it really live up to the hype?

I was able to get a chance to watch him perform at a music event he did recently, and the performance of his “Loco”Bando” were amazing. He had a funny track that started off with some Asian guys talking about how he’s too skinny for them. Then he got to his song and started doing his rapping. It was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen at a show.

He was trying to make his fans see that racism is not okay, so he made some racist comments. But he also did some funny stuff as well. And that was his thing, so it was fun to watch him.

He has an amazing performance, and I wish more people would see it. And while the music was not all good (like many others) I do have to give props to him because of his talent and ability to act.

His book is nothing compared to some of the big rap names that we are used to. But he is a great writer, and I enjoyed the book he wrote, as I hope you will enjoy it as well.

I have a few questions though, since this book was free online for people to download. For example, if he was going to write a song about owning slaves, and making money from them, does he admit he was an owner and made money from them? Or does he just say he doesn’t like slavery or he’s not proud of it?

If you are really interested in this book and what he had to say then do your research. I believe that you will enjoy the book as well.